The Ancient Warrior: in the Beginning - Pamela P. Conrad - Libros - BookSurge Publishing - 9781419628757 - 16 de marzo de 2006
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The Ancient Warrior: in the Beginning

Pamela P. Conrad

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The Ancient Warrior: in the Beginning

Ur, a prehistoric caveman and expert hunter spies a red-haired woman who he decides he wants as his own. In order to get her he commits heinous atrocities upon her tribe. But he does not understand that she is a shaman. She puts an angry curse on him that causes him to go into a deep sleep. He awakens amid the swirling waters of the sea. He desperately fights out of the water and onto a rocky cliff. A young woman, Sumer, discovers him and the villagers take the sea monster back to their village. They mutilate him in order to subdue and control him. As he heals from his wounds Ur, the ancient warrior, plots to revenge himself on the village and to steal the woman Sumer. This is the first book in a series that tell of Ur, of the Ancient Warrior, and how the curse makes him immortal to live and see the dawn of civilization and its aftermath. The gifts the shaman bestows on him are both a blessing and a curse

Medios de comunicación Libros     Paperback Book   (Libro con tapa blanda y lomo encolado)
Publicado 16 de marzo de 2006
ISBN13 9781419628757
Editores BookSurge Publishing
Páginas 304
Dimensiones 133 × 203 × 16 mm   ·   317 g
Lengua English  

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