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The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

Nicolas Notovitch

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

Where Jesus was during his twenties? One theory is, that Jesus went to India, travelling the well-established trade routes of the time. In the late nineteenth century, Nicolas Notovitch, published a book on his trip through India, into Kashmir, eventually reaching Ladakh, in Tibet, where a lama told him that Jesus is revered as a Boddhisattva, under the name Issa, by a small sect of Tibetan Buddhists. While Notovitch was recovering from a broken leg, an ancient manuscript was read to him about Issa, the name by which Jesus was called, telling of how of Jesus traveled to India to study the Vedas and Buddhism, and the adventures and controversies written of his life in the East.

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Publicado 6 de diciembre de 2008
ISBN13 9781440489600
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