Pilatus the Damned - R D Amundson - Libros - iUniverse - 9781491762899 - 8 de mayo de 2015
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Pilatus the Damned

R D Amundson

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Pilatus the Damned

Publisher Marketing: He wakes in a cemetery in front of a white marble gravestone that marks his resting place for the past three centuries. Although the letters are faded, he adopts the name Pilatus from the weathered stone facade. He realizes he is dead-alive and embraces the newfound power his undead existence allows. The consumption of blood increases his strength, and so, he is the first of his kind: vampire. He soon begins to question: Who was I before I awakened to become this creature? Who made me and why? So begins a two thousand year journey in Pilatus's search for truth, fueled by horrific recurring nightmares. He travels far and wide in search of answers, making the acquaintance of both Bram Stoker and Charles Dickens. He even makes an enemy of the Roman Catholic Church, who pursues him relentlessly. Pilatus eventually meets Phaedra, who becomes the partner he seeks. Although he feels love is out of the question, he allows her to guide him through his search for identity from Constantinople to Europe and all the way to New York City. The question remains: why did Pilatus awaken from his centuries-long sleep? And who is the deviant mind that would create an immortal monster who feeds on blood to survive?"

Medios de comunicación Libros     Hardcover Book   (Libro con lomo y cubierta duros)
Publicado 8 de mayo de 2015
ISBN13 9781491762899
Editores iUniverse
Páginas 428
Dimensiones 140 × 216 × 27 mm   ·   675 g