How Can an Angel Take My Heart?part Ii, the Armanee - Regina Knox - Libros - Authorhouse - 9781491853788 - 30 de abril de 2014
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How Can an Angel Take My Heart?part Ii, the Armanee

Regina Knox

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How Can an Angel Take My Heart?part Ii, the Armanee

Publisher Marketing: How Can an Angel Take My Heart, Part II, The Armanee Life could not be better for Kennedy Arman-Brooks-O'Neal, one of the richest and most powerful women on the eastern seaboard. She is a multi-multi millionaire with a husband who loves her and three beautiful children. Kennedy is whole and complete-mentally, physically, and spiritually-but is everything as neatly tied together as it seems? It is a beautiful Fourth of July weekend; Kennedy is celebrating her wedding anniversary and birthday with her adoring husband, Robert. Suddenly, a chance encounter with a couple making out on the beach changes her life forever. Events of her past and a secret she holds from not so long ago flood her mind with memories of a different life, from a different time, with a different love... Angela. She is at the height of her musical career. The soulful sounds of Angela Renee electrify the island of Maui, Hawaii-her first U. S. concert tour in years is a huge success... On the heels of a European tour, Angela Renee returns to the states to find herself on the brink of bankruptcy. Someone has stolen millions of dollars from her. Checks are bouncing as the tabloids document her every move on the decadent playgrounds of Europe's club scene. Sinking in a sea of lies and deceit, Angela harbors her own secret that threatens to destroy not only her life, but the lives of her children and everyone she holds dear. In a fight for her survival, Angela is forced to reconnect with one whose love for her she thought would never end... Kennedy and Angela. Two women thrust back into each other's lives through a series of events that eventually lead to a climactic struggle for the possession of their very souls... How Can an Angel Take My Heart, Part II, The Armanee, is a compelling story of love, betrayal, salvation, and redemption. Will Kennedy and Angela ultimately survive the journey through their past, or will the past destroy their present, as it forever alters their future? Five Stars for How Can An Angel Take My Heart, Part II, The Armanee emotional roller coaster ride with the skillful use of a kaleidoscope of character and events. This literary work is a must read... Byron Williams President/CEO of NFC Productions Regina Knox allows us the privilege of peering through the window into the incredible lives of Kennedy and Angel on their remarkable journey... As you take this journey through these pages, you will likewise experience a full range of emotions. One thing you will NOT be is bored. Dr. Charles Phillips Pastor, Kingdom Christian Center Washington, D. C.

Medios de comunicación Libros     Paperback Book   (Libro con tapa blanda y lomo encolado)
Publicado 30 de abril de 2014
ISBN13 9781491853788
Editores Authorhouse
Genre Sex & Gender > Lesbian
Páginas 618
Dimensiones 152 × 229 × 35 mm   ·   893 g

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