Rendezvous In Paris - Ian Okell - Libros - - 9781781769560 - 24 de enero de 2019
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Rendezvous In Paris 2 Revised edition

Ian Okell

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Rendezvous In Paris 2 Revised edition

"Rendezvous In Paris - In a city awaiting enemy occupation, some are already collaborating - but for others the struggle continues." France, May 1940. The German Blitzkrieg thrusts deep into France - the French army is on the point of collapse. Amid the confusion a British Military Intelligence team are sent to snatch a missing radar part. It's a disaster, and the team's sole survivor, retired scientist Sir Freddy Villiers, is ordered home. But he reckons there's still a chance, and with help from alluring female Gendarme Martine Dumont, he could be right. Unfortunately, German agent Heidi Fuchs has other ideas. She's cunning, she's dirty and she's utterly ruthless - Freddy's out of his league. But the fortunes of war are never straightforward and it seems there is more at stake than radar. While the battle for France rages unchecked, the hunt gets increasingly personal, and Sir Freddy needs to answer one very basic question: Which comes first - the mission, or Martine? "Heidi - one of fiction's more engaging psychopaths, a great book - nail biting to the very last page. A top writer on top form." Carfax Reviews

352 pages

Medios de comunicación Libros     Paperback Book   (Libro con tapa blanda y lomo encolado)
Publicado 24 de enero de 2019
ISBN13 9781781769560
Páginas 352
Dimensiones 129 × 204 × 22 mm   ·   381 g
Lengua English  

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