The Fox And The Child (aka Le Renard Et Lenfant) - Fox  the Child DVD - Películas - Pathe - 5060002836248 - 8 de diciembre de 2008
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The Fox And The Child (aka Le Renard Et Lenfant)

Fox the Child DVD

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The Fox And The Child (aka Le Renard Et Lenfant)

THE FOX AND THE CHILD is a charming 'nature-tale' from the award-winning writer/director of MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, Luc Jacquet. The film follows a young girl's secret endeavours to tame a wild fox, and her resulting experiences in the stunning mountain wilderness of Eastern France. It soon becomes evident, however, that this is not a mere 'kid befriends cute critter' narrative, as the film adopts a cautionary tone about our relationship with animals and our somewhat misguided understanding of them.

Part children's adventure story, part wildlife documentary, THE FOX AND THE CHILD makes use of Jacquet's now trademark photography, basking in the simple beauty of nature - a spectacle which is only heightened by the almost entire absence of dialogue. Kate Winslet narrates this English language version as the nostalgic voice of the now adult child recounting the story to her own son, turning the film into an enchanting fable to be passed down through the generations. A guaranteed future classic, with enough heart and sophistication to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Medios de comunicación Películas     DVD
Número de discos 1
Publicado 8 de diciembre de 2008
EAN/UPC 5060002836248
Etiqueta Pathe 1000806555
Genre Children
Dimensiones 200 g   (Peso (estimado))
Tiempo de juego 92:00:00
Código de región Region 2   (Europa)
Lengua English  
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